• 2000AD Prog 505 cover Strontium Dog by Carlos Ezquerra FIRST DURHAM RED

    Carlos Ezquerra (all)

  • Who's Who Villains cover Joker (1991) by Brian Bolland

    Brian Bolland (all)

  • Halloween witch painting by Dave Stevens

    Dave Stevens (painter)

  • Killing Joke page by Brian Bolland & Alan Moore

    Brian Bolland (penciller)

  • Bite Club 6 painted cover Frank Quitely

    Frank Quitely (all)

  • Miraclewoman painted cover illustration

    Mark Buckingham (all)

  • Miracleman 1 cover variant

    Mark Buckingham (penciller)

  • Watchmen painted pin up by Dave Gibbons

    Dave Gibbons (all)

  • Batman Villains Secret Files & Origins cover by Brian Bolland JOKER

    Brian Bolland (all)

  • Time Out painted cover

    Brian Bolland (all)

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Repped Artists:

Welcome to BritComicsArt!

We are the official art agents for Messrs Dave Gibbons, Brian Bolland, Frank Quitely and Mark Buckingham. 

We also sell some art by other comic artists, largely from the modern era.  

We're based in the UK but also attend a number of the larger US comic conventions each year, including San Diego, New York and Baltimore, which enables us to meet up with collectors by prior arrangement.

News & Announcements:

Frank Quitely Exhibition - From Krypton to Kelvingrove

Frank Quitely is currently the subject of a major career retrospective at the Kelvingrove art gallery in Glasgow - 'Frank Quitely: The Art of Comics. From Krypton to Kelvingrove'. It gathers the largest collection of his original artwork ever shown and includes finished covers, interior pages, design drawings and insights into the creative process. It is a lovingly put together show and a testament to his career thus far. It runs until October 2017.

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