Repped Artists:

Mark Buckingham

Mark has been working in comics for thirty years, building a reputation for design, storytelling  and a chameleon like diversity of art styles.
He is known for his work on numerous comics including Miracleman (Marvelman), Hellblazer, Sandman, Death, Shade the Changing Man, Generation-X, Doctor Strange, Batman: Shadow of the Bat, Doctor Who, The Titans, Peter Parker:Spider-man, and Dead Boy Detectives.
Since 2002 Mark has been the regular artist on FABLES for Vertigo/DC Comics, working with its writer and creator Bill Willingham, for which they have earned numerous comic industry awards. The final episode, ending with the one hundred and fifty page Fables #150, was published in 2015.
Swapping pencils for the keyboard, Mark wrote "The Clamour for Glamour" the final story arc of FAIREST, the companion title to Fables.
He recently reunited with Neil Gaiman as they return to work, after a twenty four year wait, on MIRACLEMAN for Marvel Comics.

In addition to continued work on Miracleman's return, Mark is currently work on a top secret Graphic Novel for release next year, has contributed a personal family story to Femme Magnifique, covers for Dark Crystal, Fighting American, American Gods, and Kamandi Challenge, and is drawing a special one off comic as part of the many events  surrounding Jack Kirby's 100th Anniversary.

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